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WTF: Diesel motor for new Porsche Boxster?

WTF: Diesel motor for new Porsche Boxster? No one believed few years ago that Porsche would be building SUVs and four door sedans. We already have the Cayenne and Panamera is just around the corner. Those of you who follow news daily are already well aware that from February one...
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Porsche Cayenne SUV

2008 Porsche Cayenne SUV— Car review Porsche raised the public’s collective eyebrow when it decided to enter the sport-utility vehicle business in 2003 with its bulbous Cayenne. However, in spite of its rather ungainly styling, this midsize luxury SUV has proven itself worthy of the vaunted Porsche name. With a...
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Alpine chooses the FAI for an exhibition featuring historical, present and fantasized models, whose storyline is a back and forth between two eras and the richness of Alpine’s history

For its 3rd participation in the International Automobile Festival of the  Invalides(Paris), Alpine has imagined an exhibition of new or little-known models to the general public: the A210 prototype, the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo, the A110 1800 – 1972 Gp4 driven by François Alessandri and Jean Pierre Manzagol, the A110...
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Wishlist Cars for 2020

There are everyday cars, and then there are wishlist cars. Wishlist cars are the ones you add to your list when someone asks, “What car you would buy if you won the lottery?” Going beyond everyday use, these vehicles can be just as fun to look as as they can...
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