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2012 Volkswagen Passat @ 2011 Detroit Auto Show

2012 Volkswagen Passat (2011 Detroit Auto Show) Volkswagen has serious plans for its market share here in North America. The automaker hopes to sell 800,000 cars per year in the United States by the year 2018, and it’s vehicles like the refreshed 2011 Jetta and this, the all-new 2012 Passat,...
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Differences: Audi A4 vs. Volkswagen Jetta

About VW Jetta The Volkswagen Jetta is a mid range family automobile, produced by German automaker Volkswagen Group for the Volkswagen Passenger Cars marque since 1979. Positioned to fill a saloon/sedan niche above the firm’s compact / small family car Golf hatchback offering, it has been marketed over five generations...
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2010 Volkswagen Golf R

The fastest Golf ever to be manufactured by Volkswagen. 270 horses, DSG transmission, 155 mph – 250 km/h (limited), turbo, are just some keywords that describe the new Volkswagen Golf-R....
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2010 New Volkswagen Polo GTI

2010 New Volkswagen Polo GTI The new Volkswagen Polo GTI has been unveiled, promising to be the fastest, most focussed and cleanest performance VW Polo yet produced. The original performance variant of the Polo was unveiled in 1986 in the form of the G40 Coupé – a car that mixed...
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2011 New Volkswagen CrossGolf

2011 New Volkswagen CrossGolf The new Volkswagen CrossGolf is debuting in a world premiere at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show with new styling, new TDI and TSI engines and new equipment. After the classic Golf, Golf Plus, Golf Variant, Golf GTI and the Golf R introduced just a few weeks...
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