Driving Under Alcoholic Influence: How to Avoid Risks

Drunk driving is a crime. It is an illegal motor vehicle operation while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol, also referred to as driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). Drinking and driving are still dangerous if you’ve had only a little alcohol. It is reckless and abusive of one’s freedom. You are putting yourself at risk and wasting what you have learned in driving schools EzLicence.

The Danger of Drinking and Driving

One of the top causes of car accidents is drunk driving. About 20 per cent of fatalities in highly developing countries and 69 per cent in the third world countries are attributed to DUI. According to the World Health Organization’s report in 2015, Australia has one of the world’s most prominent figures for dangerous road accidents with 3 fatalities for every 10 individuals. And the majority of the deaths are caused by driving under the influence of alcohol. 

How do drunken drives lead to tragedies on the road? Alcohol of any amount can affect anyone’s capability to operate a vehicle. It would take several hours before the alcohol gets absorbed by your system. While at it, any skill used in driving is impaired that can lead to car accidents, critical injuries, and death. When intoxicated, all of your senses are compromised. It slows down your reaction time, makes you unable to respond quickly to changing situations, and generally decreases your concentration on the road. 

You cannot lose focus while driving, because it requires attentiveness to stay in the lane, maintain speed, and consider other cars on the road. Drinking makes you sleepy. It impairs your brain from functioning well. And if something suddenly jumped in front of your vehicle even when you’re slow driving, you wouldn’t be able to process the situation, leading to an accident. 

In addition to poor judgment of certain circumstances while driving, being influenced by alcohol or drugs also affects your motor skills. You could lose the hand, foot, and eye coordination. There is a possibility of not being able to find your car, and even your keys in the first place as your coordination shrinks, making you also unable to see, stand straight and walk.

What You Can Do

To prevent the danger of drunk driving, remember the first thing you learned in driving schools at EzLicence: to prioritize your safety. If you have had enough drinks, do not risk driving. Look for other possibilities to get to your destination, like calling a cab. If you are with others, have a designated driver before planning a drunken night. Be responsible by not allowing your friend to drive after drinking, and never get in a car with a drunk driver. 

Be informed that driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal and punishable once proven guilty. You can get your license suspended, be subjected to severe mandatory jail time, and even lose your job.

Drinking is not a bad thing at all, as long as done in moderation. Driving gives you freedom and responsibility. Use it at your advantage, and do not waste that lifelong skill by turning it into something tragic.

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