Get Your Truck Summer Road Trip Ready!

Lockdown may be happening around the world, but with restrictions gently easing to allow life to continue as close to normal as possible, summer can still happen. Everyone has been worried that their travel plans would be badly interrupted with all flights and hotels canceled – and they’re not too far wrong. The thing is, the roads are still open, and the rules on social distancing still apply. So, that carefully constructed road trip may well be able to go ahead!


Sure, the entertainment that you have booked may not go ahead, but you can still get on the road and see things. You can still drive from one side of the country to the other just to see a different ocean.

There are so many ways that you can still enjoy a road trip this summer season, but you do have things to tick off first with regards to your truck. The gas prices are great right now, but you need to make sure that your truck is road-worthy before you start making your way to those destinations you’ve mapped out. It’s all fun and games to go on an adventure, but it will be considerably less fun if you know that your truck won’t survive the journey. So, with that in mind, let’s talk about how you can make sure that

Head To The Garage. Before you go on any kind of trip, you need to make sure that you have visited the garage. The experts in engineering and mechanics will be able to tell you whether there are fixes to be made before you get going. They will do the basic maintenance necessary, but they’ll also fix any issues in the engine, the brakes and the exhausts.

Even the lights and indicators need to be replaced and fixed up. More than anything else though, your truck tyres need to be checked over. They need to be full to the right level and they need to show you how to change one of those tyres – just in case you’re on the road and one blows out. The tread on your tyres needs to be right, too, so that you don’t end up skidding down the road while trying to get where you need to be. So, schedule the check up and get your truck fixed at the earliest opportunity. Check the windscreen fluids, the oil and the water levels in the car so you won’t run out, and make sure that you replace any wipers that aren’t working.

Pack Carefully. It would be a smart idea to check the capacity of your truck before you try to go anywhere. The last thing that you need is to figure out that you have completely overloaded your truck when you’re in the middle of the highway. The capacity of the vehicle is either going to be in the manual, or printed on the inside of the door where the driver sits. So, check how much weight you’re adding to the truck, plus the weight of those who are going to be in the truck on the road trip, and then think about how all of this weight affects the fuel economy of the truck. You also should consider extra weight caused by an added roof rack, but more than that you have to ensure everything is properly secured. Do you really want to find that your cargo is all over the street because it wasn’t tied down? Probably not!

Be Ready For Emergencies. A truck that is too heavy is one that cannot get out of an emergency situation easily, and you need your truck to be as supportive to you as possible while you maneuver where you want to go! Packing the truck with two emergency bags is a very smart idea. You want one in the glove compartment at the front, and you want one in the back of the vehicle. This way, one is easily grabbable if you get into any trouble. You should be prepared for any eventuality when you get on the road, so make a point of packing basic tools, torches, batteries, extra food and water, a blanket and a first-aid kit. You need to be ready for anything, so pack some matches, too. Just in case.

Plan Ahead. You may have mapped out where you are going and what you want to see but have you considered planning it properly and writing a list? You can have a portable GPS, but you need to bring some proper maps and a compass, too. You never know when technology will decide to fail you, and you can equip your truck properly even when it does. A good GPS should come with a battery pack, and it should help you to avoid traffic and tolls as much as possible. Plan good rest stops while you’re planning your route and make sure that you have booked a bed for the nights you plan to stay away. You deserve comfort on your trip, remember that!

Drive Safely. The best road trips are those that are the safest. They’re the ones where you can safely stop and see the view along the drive, and they;re the ones you don’t feel so overwhelmed during because you’ve booked plenty of stops along the way. When you start out, try to avoid busy drive times and if it’s raining heavily, drive carefully to avoid aquaplaning along the street. Being on the road for long periods of time is taxing on the mind and the body, so regularly stopping to get out and stretch your legs, eat and hydrate is a must.

Your road trip doesn’t have to be affected by the current world situation, but the best thing to do before you set off is to check the laws in every state or country you are planning to go through. You need to make this trip count, but do it in the right way!

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