BMW’s iNext will have 5G connectivity

BMW’s iNext will have 5G connectivity For BMW, CES 2020 was an opportunity to share its vision for the future technology that will accompany the market’s evolution towards electric powertrains and autonomous driving. In addition to the exhibits on display at the conference, the company revealed that the upcoming iNext...
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Euro NCAP’s Best of the Best of 2019

Today Euro NCAP publishes its Best in Class for 2019. Fifty-five cars were assessed among which forty-one achieved the top accolade. This makes 2019 one of the most impressive years on record since Euro NCAP started to evaluate consumer safety of cars on the European market. Mercedes-Benz regained its crown...
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Blasting Market of Electric Vehicles and What Lies Ahead

Blasting Market of Electric Vehicles and What Lies Ahead In this time of innovation, individuals owe everything to science. the exceptionally mechanically propelled condition where man is flourishing today must be accomplished due to the steady endeavors of humanity toward this path. In spite of the fact that in this...
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Eight Top Tips For Buying A New (Used) Car

When you go out to buy a car, you may find that buying a new one is going to cost you a lot more than buying a used one. It’s how it works in the automotive market, as a cheap runaround car has been used before and therefore has history...
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Signs For You to Get a New Dirt Bike Engine

You love your dirt bike. You love the freedom you get when zooming through nature or tackling a course. There’s nothing quite like getting out of the house and feeling some speed. You do what you can to ensure that your dirt bike engine lasts for as long as possible....
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Wishlist Cars for 2020

There are everyday cars, and then there are wishlist cars. Wishlist cars are the ones you add to your list when someone asks, “What car you would buy if you won the lottery?” Going beyond everyday use, these vehicles can be just as fun to look as as they can...
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The all-new Audi Q7 TFSI e quattro

Audi Q7 TFSI The electrification initiative at Audi is in full swing. Four new models with plug-in hybrid drive – in the Q5, A8, A6 and A7 Sportback model lines – will debut on the European market in the second half of 2019 alone. The new Q7 TFSI e quattro**...
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