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Discover the most complete car technical specifications database with all car brands, compare all car models to find best performance, top speed, power or engine capacity. Find ultimate cars specifications.

Auto Speed Market – Cars technical specifications is a dedicated automotive tool to providing detailed information about car technical specifications and data.

Thousands of car models by major car manufacturers are searched into database in series and presented in detail with descriptions and technical specifications exhibited in tables. The car technical data published on this website covers several major topics, including general information such as manufacturer, series, model, first year of production, etc. The dimensions and bodywork details contain specifics on the car body style, number of seats and doors, type of drive, length, width and height of the vehicle, its wheelbase, front and rear track, ground clearance, curb weight and others.

The engine characteristics are reviewed in detail and include number of cylinders and their arrangement in the engine, the number of valves per cylinder, bore diameter and piston stroke length, the break mean effective pressure and the compression ratio.

This tool shares information about the drag coefficient and the frontal area of the vehicle, which give the drag area. Of course technical specifications of all major systems of an automobile are also published, including the type of fuel system, the front and rear suspension, the front and rear brake system, the type of transmission, number of gears and gear ratios, type and size of the front and rear wheel rims and tires, the lock-to-lock turn of a car and the diameter of its turning circle as well as the type of its steering system.

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