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MANIFESTO is a concept-car that concentrates and reaffirms the values that the Dacia brand stands for

With the MANIFESTO concept, the brand is emphatically reaffirming its unrivalled vision for an essential, cool, robust, affordable and environmentally efficient car. MANIFESTO concept is a lab for ideas and a vehicle that is connected to nature, environmentally friendly and brimming with breakthroughs some of which will be available on...
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Dacia embarks on a new chapter in its history

Renault Group presented the Renaulution, its new corporate strategic plan setting the course for each brand, on 14 January 2021. Its goal for Dacia was clear: become the leader for affordable mobility, the essential brand. Its goal and vision are all the more fitting as they are building on a string...
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Dacia 1300

In Romania, neither Volkswagen nor the Beetle have become household names. The Romanian ‘people’s car’ is the Dacia 1300! It was that very car that put the nation on the road during the 1970s and 1980s. Mihai, who works as a Renault Technologies architect at the Titu Technical Centre, has...
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10 million Dacias

10 MILLION VEHICLES PRODUCED SINCE 1968 Wednesday, April 20, Mioveni plant (Romania), a Urban Gray Duster Extreme L.E. just off the assembly line, takes a commemorative and highly symbolic photo. It is indeed the 10 millionth Dacia vehicle produced since the birth of the brand. Including: 2,6 million Dacia Sandero & Sandero...
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