How To Replace a Car Cabin Air Filter

Does the air in your car seem stuffy or smell bad? If so, an old air filter may be to blame. When working properly, car cabin air filters help prevent pollutants such as smog, dust, mold spores and pollen from entering your vehicle through the HVAC system. When they are...
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The Importance of Getting Your Tyres Aligned Regularly

If you’ve ever taken your car to the mechanic for its regular maintenance, then you may have been offered to get your tyres re-aligned as well. While you may save some money opting out of this service, getting your tyres aligned regularly is legitimately beneficial to your car. It can...
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Driving safely in the rain

#AD. In the interest of disclosure and transparency, the syndication of this article has been provided and paid for by FBD Insurance Driving during downfalls can be dangerous, even for skilled drivers. When visibility is affected and the roads get wet and slippery, your vehicle can become difficult to control....
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The Yamaha Niken and the Power of Three

When shopping for new accessories or motorcycle parts online, you may have come across Yamaha’s relatively new addition to their lineup. Far from the standard offerings, the Niken GT’s dual front wheels make it stand out from the competition. Is this strange look just a gimmick to get more riders...
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Bright outlook of Autonomous Car Market

The global Autonomous Car market is segmented as product type into laser guided mapping, radar, position estimator sensors, driving scenario system simulation, software and algorithm development etc. Among these segment is driving scenario system expected to dominate the overall Autonomous Car market and is projected to seize a remarkable CAGR...
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Bodywork Maintenance: The Devil is in the Detailing

Car enthusiasts are renowned for their commitment to keeping up the appearance of their beloved vehicles. There they are, like clockwork every Sunday morning, out on the drive in all weather, washing, waxing and polishing their pride and joy. There is a simple pleasure in keeping your car looking at...
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The True Cost of Opening a Vehicle Showroom

The True Cost of Opening a Vehicle Showroom Nearly everything that we do has a cost implication. One of the challenges young people face when they are starting a business is sourcing enough capital to prepare the product and set up the operations. The latter, which includes setting up the...
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Suzuki Swift was voted the Best Real MPG Performer

Suzuki is celebrating some very positive news from the awards held in London on 2nd May with accolades for three of its core models, Ignis, Swift and Vitara. The awards are unique in the industry as all categories are voted for by Honest John website readers rather than a...
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