BMW M3 drifting: How to drift

BMW M3 drifting: How to drift Drifting – refers to a driving technique and to a motor sport where the driver intentionally oversteers, causing loss of traction in the rear wheels through turns, while preserving vehicle control and a high exit speed. A car is said to be drifting when...
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Pontiac Stinger Concept Car

Pontiac Stinger Concept Car In 1989 Pontiac was bursting with excitement and still chasing the youth market. This dune buggy like concept car never made it past the auto show circuit but it showed there was still a pulse and sense of fun at the company that launched the muscle...
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2010: Mercedes-Benz Bluezero Concept

2010: Mercedes-Benz Bluezero Concept As the New Year begins, Mercedes-Benz is opening a new chapter in the journey towards emission-free driving. Concept BlueZERO, a series of highly efficient and practical passenger cars, was unveiled at the North American International Auto Show (running from 11 – 25 January in Detroit, USA)....
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BMW Film (S1E4) – Star

BMW Film (S1E4) – Star BMW’s groundbreaking The Hire film series ignored conventions and created the phenomenon known as online films. The Web has never been the same since. These eight short films by critically acclaimed Hollywood directors effectively revolutionized the world of interactive entertainment, while showcasing the absolute limits...
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New VW Golf VI – Review & GTI Project

VW Golf VI GTI Review – VOLKSWAGEN GOLF GTI IS VIRTUALLY HERE Golf VI has started his engines OverviewI know that you and your friends are haunted about VW Golf, starting from Golf I and now Golf VI. The future is for VW and Golf lovers. Here you’ll see a...
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Police Car challenge by Top Gear

Police Car challenge by Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are given a tight budget to build their own police cars. Watch this video (part 1) as the boys creations are put to the test in a speed lap around the Top Gear test track. Great challenge...
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The most expensive mercedes ever

The best & expensive Mercedes ever seen in the world This is what an Abu Dhabi business man that shocked the entire world with. It’s a white-gold plated Mercedes. It costs about 15.000.000 $. Could be considered like an insult to the world crisis and the poor people on Earth....
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Infiniti EX37

Infiniti EX37 The Infiniti EX37 is likely to be one of the most talked about new models launched in 2008. Powered by a new 3.7-litre version VQ family of petrol engines, EX37 brings together three different elements in one elegantly attractive package. Its distinctive coupe-like styling masks a roomy cabin...
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