The best cars for drifting and street race

Street racing is a form of unsanctioned and illegal motor racing which takes place on public roads. Street racing can either be spontaneous or well-planned and coordinated. Well coordinated races are planned in advance and often have people communicating via 2-way radio/citizens’ band radio and using police scanners and GPS...
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Campervan challenge

Jeremy, Richard and James face a testing 215 mile journey to Cornwall in their campervan creations before settling in for the night on a cold bank holiday weekend in the West Country! Please check this video....
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Marussia – Russian super car

Marussia B2 is the second version of a famous Russian supercar. It is more elegant than the B1 version and has more “brutal” design. The price of Marussia B2 starts at 100 000 euros.Luxurious futuristic interior. Marussia has 4 cameras, each placed on each side of the car: front, back,...
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3 Car tandem onramp drifting

Drifting refers to a driving technique and to a motorsport where the driver intentionally over steers, causing loss of traction in the rear wheels through turns, while maintaining vehicle control and a high exit speed. A car is drifting when the rear slip angle is greater than the front slip...
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Nissan presents the "Prove it"

Want to see how we torture our cars in house? Click on the videos below and watch the tests we put our cars through to attain the highest possible quality… QASHQAI PROOF # 35: Bumpers hit by equivalent QASHQAI body-weight To test the resistance of QASHQAI’s bumper, we launch a...
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Ferrari 612 GTO Concept of Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

Ferrari 612 GTO concept design by German designer Sasha Selipanov of Ferrari Scaglietti 612. Selipanov has not mentioned what might be done on Ferrari Scaglietti 612 5.7- liter V12 engine or indeed any other mechanical details, so its up to you to speculate but 600bhp engine is surely be the...
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