All-new 2014 Fiat 500L is coming

Expanding on the style, efficiency and driving enjoyment that has made the Fiat 500 an icon for nearly 57 years, the all-new 2014 Fiat 500L expands the Cinquecento’s appeal by offering 42 percent extra interior space with comfortable seating for five, engaging driving dynamics and a 160-horsepower 1.4-liter MultiAir Turbo...
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2014 Chevrolet Cruze with Turbo Diesel

Chevrolet recently introduced the 2.0L turbo diesel version of its hottest-selling sedan, the Cruze, which has the best highway fuel economy of any non-hybrid passenger car in America. It will be available nationwide and in Canada in late summer.

Turbocharging helps deliver segment-leading SAE-certified 151 horsepower and 264 lb-ft of torque with a segment-leading EPA-estimated 46 mpg highway

Clean diesels generate at least 90 percent less Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and particulate emissions when compared to previous-generation diesels.

Built in Lordstown, Ohio, the 2014 Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel delivers a combination of segment-leading features and efficiency. Based on GM testing, Cruze Diesel has demonstrated range of 717 highway miles on one tank of diesel and EPA-estimated 46 mpg on the highway with spirited performance and the durability diesel owners’ value around the globe.

Cruze Diesel beats its rivals in performance, with a segment-leading, SAE-certified 151 horsepower (113 kW) and 264 lb-ft of torque (358 Nm), and can go from 0-60 in about 8.6 seconds. Its advanced 2.0L turbo-diesel engine produces at least 250 lb-ft of torque (339 Nm) between 1,750 and 3,000 rpm and has an overboost feature capable of increasing torque to an estimated 280 lb-ft (380 Nm) for short bursts of stronger acceleration when needed, such as merging onto a busy freeway.

Cruze Diesel’s engine meets stringent U.S. environmental standards including Tier 2 Bin 5 emissions standards.

25,695 MSRP includes destination and two-year maintenance plan

With a starting price at $25,695, including a $810 destination charge, Cruze Diesel comes with a six-speed automatic transmission, four-wheel antilock disc brakes, 3.20 final drive ratio, 140-amp alternator, 800 cold-cranking amps battery, 17-inch alloy wheels, ultra-low-rolling resistance all-season tires, rear spoiler, Aero Performance Package and leather-appointed seating.

Chevrolet has sold more than 2 million Cruze models globally since it was launched in mid-2010. More than 35,000 of those sold last year were diesel powered.

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New 2014 Volkswagen Golf GTI

The first Golf GTI, launched 37 years ago, defined a fundamental standard for dynamic performance that was more precise than any other compact car. The affordable Volkswagen also made automotive sportiness more attainable than ever for people. To date, nearly 1.9 million Golf GTI cars have been produced at the...
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Some super cars filmed in London ;-)

Showcasing The Hottest Exotic Supercars Spotted In London.

Jaguar in 30 seconds

After rather failing to take the world by storm with its Ridley Scott-produced online film starring Damon Lewis, Jaguar is turning to good old 30-second spots to launch its new F-Type sports car in the US.

Aston Martin CC100 super concept

When a car manufacturer sets out to create a car to celebrate an anniversary, they sometimes end up with a beige box that now has some new headrests and then they call it a day. It’s amazing! Aston Martin is celebrating its 100th birthday with this bold CC100 concept car!...
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Volvo XC60, Leave the world behind

Volvo XC60 : Lune – Leave the world behind

Leave The World Behind was the first song that Swedish House Mafia wrote.

Discover the new Volvo X60, in my opinion one of the most versatile SUVs out there. Some of you may notice a slight resemblance to the new VW Touareg 2013. But Volvo is a unique car and in this spot is promoted as a Swedish car should be. Check out one of the most chill out car commercials. It is about leaving all behind, reconnecting with nature, in a style that captures the essence of the North European way of living.

This song started the success-story that lasted until the Ultra House Festival in Miami 24 March this year when Swedish House Mafia played together for the very last time.

Peugeot 208 GTi: Discover the international TV ad for the new 208 GTi

Peugeot 208 GTi: Discover the international TV ad for the new 208 GTi

Looks better, is safer, better equipped, goes better, is more affordable and better handling. Almost the complete hot hatch package and a great everyday driver. It would want to be with a swag of delightful alternatives from Ford, VW, Renault, Skoda and others.

Price: under $30,000
Warranty: 3 years/100,000km
Capped serivicing: $270/yr for 3 yrs/60,000km
Service interval: 12 months/20,000km
Safety rating: 5-star
Engine: 1.6-litre 4-cyl turbo petrol, 147W/275Nm
Transmission: 6-spd manual; FWD
Thirst: 5.9L/100km; 98RON; 139g/km CO2
Tank: 50L
Dimensions: 3.9m (L), 1.7m (W), 1.4m (H)
Weight: 1160kg

Peugeot 208 GTi: 208 GTi Teaser Hairdresser

Peugeot 208 GTi: 208 GTi Teaser Hairdresser

Peugeot 208 GTi: GTi is back! The legend is back with the GTi version of the Peugeot 208!

Watch as the Peugeot 205 GTi meets the new Peugeot 208 GTi.

Nissan GTR runs up a snow covered mountain

Nissan GTR runs up a snow covered mountain

Nissan GT-R on snow drifting with Samuel Hübinette with Ice Ricer in Jokkmokk, Sweden. it ewas -25 degres Celsius. Team IceRicers V-Log4 present ‘The Skislope’ with a strong Nissan GTR that runs up a snow covered mountain in Sweden.

Don’t try this, stay safe!

FORD Ranger – Ford Ranger & Ford Ranger XLT

FORD Ranger – Ford Ranger & Ford Ranger XLT

The Ford Ranger, code named T6, was unveiled at the Australian International Motor Show in Sydney. The T6 replaces two regional Ranger platforms: the Mazda BT-50-derived model sold in the Latin America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions and the North American model sold in select Latin American markets.

Although the T6 Ranger will be offered in 180 markets globally, it is not currently planned to be sold in the United States or Canada, due to the new platform being too close in size and cost to the F-150, and due to overall declining sales of compact pickups in North America. However it is offered in the United Arab Emirates along side the F-150 and Super Duty.

Ford initially planned a mid-size truck based on a modified F-150 chassis for the North American market named the F-100; however, this was shelved in favour of offering the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine on the F-150. Additionally, American and Canadian safety and emissions standards as well as the long-standing 25% import tariff imposed on non-American built light trucks prevent the T6 Ranger from being imported into North America. Likewise, safety and emissions standards in ECE-compliant nations, the need for right-hand drive in certain international markets, and the physical size of the F-150 prevent it from being globalised.

Production is expected to commence in summer 2011, starting with Thailand’s Rayong plant, with production in South Africa and Argentina to follow.[6] Additionally, Mazda will build a badge-engineered version of the T6 as the second generation BT-50.

The new Jaguar F-Type

The new Jaguar F-Type

The Jaguar F-Type is a two-seat sports car, based on a shortened platform of the XK convertible, that will be manufactured by Jaguar Cars in 2013.

The F-Type was developed under the project code “X152”. The car has been designed to compete with roadsters such as the Porsche Boxster, BMW Z4, and Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class. A similarly sized concept car, the C-X16, was shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2011.

The car was launched initially as a soft-top convertible. There has been various speculation, prior to the launch, of a coupé, a plug-in hybrid-electric,[8] and an all-wheel drive version.

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