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2011 New Ford Edge

The Ford Edge is a crossover SUV that was launched in mid-2006. It is based on the Ford CD3 platform, which is also used by the Edge’s near-twin Lincoln MKX crossover, two Mazda crossovers, the Mazda CX-7 and Mazda CX-9 and also the Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan, and the Lincoln...
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2011 Volvo V60

The new Volvo V60 makes its entry onto the car market with its sights firmly set on giving the all-new S60 sedan model a tough match over the title of “The Most Dynamic Volvo Model Ever”. The initial annual target for the new Volvo V60 is 50,000 cars. Of these,...
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Auto Speed Market Blog: Partners

If you are a webmaster and would you like to add your blog/website into this section, please feel free and send me an email. First, please add the following code into your partners section. After adding the lines displayed below, please send me an email and your code provided will...
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2011 New Pagani C9 Official Teaser

2011 New Pagani C9 Teaser Notorious Italian supercar manufacturer Pagani have released a teaser video for the next generation Zonda dubbed C9. The video shows the likeness of Pagani founder Horatio Pagani sipping a cup of coffee while picking up a small metallic object which appears to be a 1:43...
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Ferrari 612 GTO Concept of Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

Ferrari 612 GTO concept design by German designer Sasha Selipanov of Ferrari Scaglietti 612. Selipanov has not mentioned what might be done on Ferrari Scaglietti 612 5.7- liter V12 engine or indeed any other mechanical details, so its up to you to speculate but 600bhp engine is surely be the...
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2011 Dodge Charger

Dodge’s Charger roars into 2011 with reworked styling, two strong engines and dramatically upgraded interiors. The 2011 Dodge Charger SRT8 is expected to make its world public debut at the 2010 Los Angeles Motor Show in November before making its big screen debut in the fifth installment of the Fast...
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Future car that runs on thin air

Meet the Air Pod. Its manufacturers think it could be the future of urban transport. Can noncombustion technology create a no-pollution way to drive? Imagine pulling into a service station to fuel up your car. But not at the gas pump or electric battery charger—at the air pump! That’s not...
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Documentary about the German Autobahn

Documentary about the German Autobahn I like this: Even the emergency lane has one hard and fast rule: no stopping unless it’s an actual emergency. You’ll even get fined if you run out of gas, since it’s a preventable occurrence. Being stupid is no excuse....
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