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Dacia’s car models on German Autobahn

Dear car drivers, I’m posting for Speed Market from Romania. I have received a link regarding “Reverse innovation in action: Romanian cars from a french company on the german autobahn” and i’m able to give more details regarding. First, please take on the post described by “Hardvard Business Review” on...
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Preproduction Dacia Duster

Preproduction Dacia Duster This is the Dacia Duster concept and it’s bringing a totally original, unprecedented suicide-door sport activity youth-market crossover utility design with a Dacia Sandero base platform....
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(Renault) Dacia Sandero

Dacia Sandero was launched at Geneva Auto Show in March 2008. A nice hatch with basic offerings, it is the cheapest car in its segment in Europe without making any compromise on safety or ecology. Start price: 6000 Euro! Please click here to get more images with Dacia Sandero...
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