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2014 Rolls-Royce Wraith Unveiled

Rolls Royce Wraith is unveiled, after a seemingly endless stream of teasers and sketches. Will it have what it takes to dethrone the Bentley Continental GT from its hyper-luxe coupe reign? The answer is Yes! With fastback styling and Rolls Royce##Q##s unique take on automotive sartorial splendor, the Wraith ushers...
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2011 New Rolls Royce Ghost Deluxe

Rolls Royce has introduced its Ghost model at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show which made the media wow for the car’s evoking images of adventure and technical innovation. Aside from the impressive exterior and interior parts, the Ghost sports a turbocharged V12 engine which displaces 6.6-liter and cranks out 563...
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