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5 Great and Useful Car Gadgets

5 Great and Useful Car Gadgets 5 Great and Useful Car Gadgets Navigation System, Backup Camera, Car Video Recorder, Lane Departure Warning System, and Self-Parking. As technology evolves at an exponential rate, there are huge influxes of gadgets to attach and use in a car. How many of them are...
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2013 BMW X5 M Sport (review)

2013 BMW X5 M Sport The BMW X5 is a luxury crossover SUV introduced in 1999 as the first generation E53. It was BMW##Q##s first SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) also known as “Four-by-Four” (4×4) in the UK. It features all-wheel drive which is branded as the “X” drive system and...
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All about Audi quattro drive (models & technologies)

The quattro models from AudiMore than 30 years after the introduction of quattro drive, today Audi is the world’s leading premium-segment manufacturer of passenger cars with permanent all-wheel drive. The current model lineup includes more than 120 quattro variants; several models are available exclusively with all-wheel drive. From 1980 through...
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Online buying tips for new / used cars

Used Car Salesmen Tricks One of the biggest moments in many people’s lives is driving off in their brand-spanking-new automobile. It’s an exhilarating feeling. It’s also a big moment because in that very instant, that brand-spanking-new car loses a big chunk of its value—the difference between the retail price you...
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