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Hyundai ix 35 TV Commercial for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ Final Draw

Hyundai TV Commercial for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ Final Draw

It looks good. It feels good. And it’s packed with equipment to make life easier. Because choosing a car that looks great on the outside shouldn’t have to mean giving up your creature comforts on the inside. Available in 5 trim levels, the New ix35 takes so much in its stride and thanks to our Blue Drive technologies, it’s also surprisingly efficient.

The New ix35 is available in 2WD with the 1.6 GDi and 1.7 CRDi engines. The 2.0 CRDi engine includes a torque on demand 4WD system. This provides power to all wheels only when driving conditions require it, resulting in greater efficiency than permanent 4WD.

Watch the beginning of Hyundai’s ix 35 glorious journey to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™.

Hyundai will come to all the football fans around the world, starting with the Final Draw. Feel Hyundai’s passion towards football fans through this film.

2014 All New Hyundai Equus …

Hyundai America introduced the 2014 Equus premium luxury sedan in a North American debut at the New York International Auto Show with enhancements to exterior and interior design, vehicle dynamics, material selection, driver technology displays and advanced safety features. Equus has been an impressive success story for Hyundai; so far...
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School children teach Hyundai a lesson in Quality Testing

School children teach Hyundai a lesson in Quality Testing

Playtime got serious this week when pupils from Holmer Green First and Junior Schools in Buckinghamshire taught car manufacturer Hyundai a lesson in quality testing. School children became the brand’s ‘Next Generation Testers’ and put its i30 Tourer through an extreme durability test to assess its suitability as a family car.

Recognising that little people can provide big insights, Hyundai went back to school. The car brand recruited a panel of 25 children aged between 4 and 10 to carry out a series of quality tests on its New Generation i30 Tourer and see if it really is tough enough to stand up to the challenges of everyday family life.

Responding to customer feedback that their ‘little monkeys’ would be much harder on a car than 40 baboons, we decided to put the theory to the test.

Specially-designed for families and their children, the i30 has been made using extra strong materials, easy-wipe plastics, tough fittings and special high-quality steel for the bodywork.

We parked our car in the school’s playground and then let eight times as many children as in the UK’s average family subject it to some rigorous testing. Six hours later, the tough tourer cleaned up as new and was driven out of the playground fully intact and virtually unscathed.

The children simulated the typical car punishment that parents dread but sometimes have to deal with: jumping and bouncing up and down on seats (in muddy wellies on this occasion), prodding buttons and opening storage compartments, repeatedly putting windows up and down, dropping crisps, squashing bananas into fabrics and spilling orange juice on the seats.

The i30 Tourer’s gadgets were also inspected, with the children pulling faces to their friends in the reversing camera and making calls to their teacher using the car’s hands-free Bluetooth system.

Outside, the paintwork was put to test after magnets were thrown onto the car and mud smeared all over the body panels. The children investigated whether the i30 really was ‘made of steel’ by using the bonnet as a slide and thumping the doors with drumsticks. Thankfully, the hard-wearing paint protected the car from significant scratches and chips.

As well as confirming the robust quality of our New Generation i30 Tourer, we’ll use the findings to inform the research and development of our future cars.

Discover Hyundai Motor: FCC 2013 Dreamers

Discover Hyundai Motor: FCC 2013 Dreamers

Edu Elias, the famous Brazilian entertainer visits the Pernambuco Arena, the stadium from Recife. Together with three dreamers (Natan carneiro de Lima, Everton Felipe de Oliveira da silva, J.P Pereira da Silva) that dream about playing in the Brazilian National team.

Promoted car: Hyundai Elantra

For the 2013 year, a new coupe based on the sedan design of the Elantra will hit the market. The coupe will feature a continuation of Hyundai’s Fluidic Sculpture body design language, and will be more aggressive in styling than the Elantra sedan.

The vehicle was unveiled in Busan International Motor Show 2012. Production model included 2.0 Nu GDi Engine, 6-speed transmission.

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Hyundai: Road to 2013 -“The Beginning”

Hyundai: Road to 2013 -“The Beginning”

Welcome, this is road to Brazil 2013 A unique video and travel experience where we shall learn all that the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup has to offer us. This is sponsored by Hyundai.

All the stars, stadiums, cities and moments that will be part of Road to FCC 2013, HYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANY will have a lot of stories on board of HB20 This is the only the beginning of ROAD TO BRAZIL 2013. Please enjoy it.

HYUNDAI live brilliant: Brand film “Laughter”

HYUNDAI live brilliant: Brand film “Laughter” What is your brilliant moment with Hyundai? Hyundai believes, brilliant is: When a tunnel becomes a magical portal, A puddle becomes a wave, A hill becomes an amusement park, When stars shower down on you. Brilliant is the laughter. Hyundai makes every moment brilliant....
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