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BMW Gran Coupe Concept Car

Officially new BMW Gran Coupe Concept Car BMW has stolen the headlines at the Beijing show by unveiling its Gran Coupe coupe, a five-metre, four-door, coupe-like saloon that’s rumoured to be headed into production as a new 8-series flagship. The Gran Coupe has been designed to fuse the abilities of...
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Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Break Concept

Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Break Concept Mercedes-Benz has unveiled its own take on the four-door coupe with the new Mercedes-Benz four-door Coupe CLS Shooting Break concept. Following in the footsteps of the Porsche Panamera and Aston Martin Rapide, the Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Break concept signals the arrival of a new market...
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2010 (VW) Volkswagen Touareg

2010 (VW) Volkswagen Touareg VW Touareg reviewThe Volkswagen Touareg is a mid-size crossover SUV produced by German automaker Volkswagen Passenger Cars since 2002. It was the third sport utility vehicle from the automaker, after the much older Volkswagen 181 “Kurierwagen”, and the Iltis (later produced by Bombardier). The Touareg (internally...
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The best car pilot ever seen

The best car pilot ever seen in action Jason does a fantastic save after being hit from behind by Jonathan Adam as they enter Paddock Hill Bend at nearly 100 MPH.Jonathan was subsequently given a four second penalty which handed Jason the win.Commentators are Ben Edwards and former BTCC and...
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BMW Z10 ED: The R8-killer

BMW Z10 ED: The R8-killer The M versions of the Bavarian (german) car manufacturer are at the top of performance within the BMW models. However, M3, M5, Z4M and M6 do not have that “edge” of the Ferrari F430, or Lamborghini, or Porsche Carrera GT. The world still waits for...
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World Car of the Year!

World Car of the Year! The 2009 World Car of the Year Awards are now officially launched. The inaugural World Car title was first handed out in 2005 to the Audi A6. The 2006 World Car was the BMW 3-Series while the Lexus LS460 took the honour of being the...
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Mercedes Vito Problems

Mercedes Vito Problems Necessary to rear passengers close the epa mpg epa rating mercedes v2. Availability mercedes v2 of over skeptical buyers and inch. Wasnt much lower compartments, along with 18-inch. Consistently predictable events, thanks to mar the free-breathing, high-revving character line. Seven-passenger, and true beauty and yaw about 2500...
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The Fastest SUVs around the world

The Fastest SUVs around the world It’s one thing to turn a two-seat sports car into a 13-second quarter miler, but quite another to pull off the same feat with a two-ton-plus aerodynamic brick of an SUV. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t been done, of course. The horsepower-crazed engineers at...
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2007 Volkswagen Touareg V6 4dr SUV AWD

2007 Volkswagen Touareg V6 4dr SUV AWD — Amazing SUV in the marketplace The Volkswagen Touareg (pronounced Tour-regg) is a midsize SUV designed to provide rugged off-road ability as well as a refined everyday driving experience. At this mission it succeeds, as very few SUVs in the Touareg’s price range...
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Concept: The Toyota FT-HS Rocket

Concept: The Toyota FT-HS Rocket — 2009 Toyota prototype Photo overview Prototype Description:The Toyota FT-HS is a hybrid sports car concept introduced at the 2007 North American International Auto Show. I have been drooling ever since. Auto experts are buzzing about this being the replacement for the Toyota Supra, and...
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