8 Cool and Affordable Upgrades for Your In-car Gadgets

8 Cool and Affordable Upgrades for Your In-car Gadgets

Car travel has changed a lot over the years, not just in terms of the performance of modern vehicles but also in relation to in-car features. These days, we can invest in a wide range of gadgets for our vehicles, with products that provide everything from information and practicality through to entertainment. While high-end, luxury vehicles sometimes come with these features and gadgets as standard, the average car doesn’t. However, the good news is that you can find cool and affordable upgrades that will enable you to benefit from the best of in-car gadgets.

8 Cool and Affordable Upgrades for Your In-car GadgetsThere are many different in-car gadgets to choose from based on your needs and preferences. Specialist retailer, Halfords, has recently unveiled its fantastic Car Gadgets collection, so you can gain inspiration from there. You can then make the most of your time on the road, with all of the in-car gadgets you need to enhance your driving experience and that of others travelling in your vehicle.

Some of the great gadgets to consider 

If you want to add a new level of practicality and entertainment to your vehicle, there are various gadgets that can help you to achieve your goal. Some of the cool, affordable in-car gadgets you can invest in include:

  • Push-button start kit: Are you fed up of starting your car in the boring traditional way – with a key? Many new luxury cars now come with push-button start, which is faster and more convenient. However, you don’t need to invest in a high-end car to enjoy having this feature. You can simply buy a push-button starter kit and eliminate the need to use an ignition key to start your vehicle.
  • Multi socket: These days, we need to charge multiple devices when using our vehicles, such as our sat nav systems, smartphones, and tablets, to name but a few. Having to charge them one at a time can be very time consuming and inconvenient. However, with a simple and affordable multi socket, you can charge multiple devices at the same time.
  • Dash Cam: When it comes to insurance claims, it can be very difficult to determine who was at fault in an accident if there were no witnesses. Even if you are certain that the other driver was at fault, you could have a difficult time proving it. With a dash cam, however, you can eliminate this problem. Your dash cam will record what has happened, so you can prove you were not to blame. This makes the claims process far easier and means that you can benefit from lower insurance costs.
  • Parking sensor: If you are one of the many people that struggle with parking, this is the ideal gadget for you. These sensors are very simple to install and can simply be fitted behind your number plate. They will then detect when you are too close to an obstacle behind while reversing to park. When you are alerted to this, you can ensure you avoid hitting the obstacle behind you.
  • Speed camera detector: Many of us have been at the receiving end of a speeding fine or points on our licenses. However, you can help to avoid this situation with a speed camera detector. These detectors are very useful in a number of ways. First off, they will show you what the maximum speed limit is on whichever road you are driving on. This information will automatically update as you drive. It was also alert you to safety cameras so you can ensure that you stay within the limit and avoid the penalties that come with speeding.
  • In-car DVD Player: If you have young kids, you will already know what a pain long car journeys can be. Youngsters get easily bored, and this doesn’t bode well for the driver. With an in-car DVD player, you can keep your kids entertained throughout the journey. You can mount the DVD player on the headrest, so your kids can relax in the back and be entertained by their favourite movies throughout the journey. This means a far more pleasant trip for them and a far more peaceful one for you.
  • Wireless Headphones: If you plan to get an in-car DVD for the kids, it is also worth investing in wireless headphones. The noise from the DVDs can be distracting for the driver, which could increase the risk of an accident. At the same time, doing away with the DVD player will leave you with very annoyed, bored children to cope with. Wireless headphones will enable your kids to continue watching their movies while you travel but there will be no audible noise to distract you.


With so many great in-car gadgets to choose from, you can adapt your vehicle to make it just the way you want it. These gadgets can improve safety, practicality, and convenience for any motorist, which means that you can enjoy a far more pleasant driving experience and far greater peace of mind.

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