Motorbike Accident Claims

“The Alarming Reality of the Dangers Motorcyclists Face”

For anyone who doesn’t have the comfort and luxury of a car, the roads can be an extremely dangerous place. Motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians are all at an increased risk of suffering from life-threatening injuries when compared to car drivers. While this may seem like an obvious fact given the road’s many hazards and the lack of protection afforded to vulnerable groups, it’s only when you look at the alarming statistics that you begin to realise the danger that exists.

Motorbike Accident Claims, a specialist claims solicitor in Liverpool, have provided a summary of the key accident statistics in the UK for the period 2016 to 2017 as released by the government.

How Much More Likely Is a Fatal Accident?

Why are car drivers proven to be the most comfortable and safest of all road users? The answer to this question is a key aspect in understanding why others are more vulnerable. Ultimately, a lot of the factors come down to the vehicle’s design. Car drivers don’t have to brave the outdoors when breezing down the roads. They are safe within the confines of their vehicle where they are surrounded by their car’s body and have access to safety features such as airbags. As a result, they also don’t need to wear any additional piece of clothing for added safety such as a helmet. We should also consider that most cars have four wheels. This provides much more control than navigating hazards.

In comparison, motorbikes only have two wheels and there is no interior protection. What may seem like a minor hazard for a car driver is suddenly a major hazard for motorcyclists. Road defectives, potholes and bad weather all make safe driving extremely difficult for motorcyclists even if travelling at relatively low speeds. Motorcyclists are also more difficult to be seen and many car drivers are prone to showing ignorance when it comes to navigating pass motorcyclists and cyclists. The fact that accidents happen is not the only element to consider. We also must consider the consequences of an accident. Due to their limited protection, motorcyclists are at extreme risk of serious injury or even death. An accident sustained by a motorcyclist is highly likely to be far more serious than that of a car driver.

The official motorbike accident statistics in the UK for 2016-17 shows that if you are a motorcyclist, then you are 62 times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident that a car driver. This is a staggering figure and presents a clearer and more accurate analysis of the danger for motorcyclists. This figure is based on the fatality rate per billion passenger miles for motorbike riders compared to car drivers in 2017. There were 116.9 deaths per billion passenger miles for motorcyclists and 1.9 deaths to car drivers.

Discover More Statistics Related to Motorbike Accidents

If this summary has piqued your interest, you’ll be interested to learn more about the types of accidents that happen on the UK’s roads and how each road user group is affected differently. For more motorbike accident statistics, and if you have been affected by an accident, visit the Motorbike Accident Claims website.

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