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Transmission Problems to Watch Out For

Transmission Problems to Watch Out For


If your vehicle uses an automatic transmission, this transmission can fail, and when it does, the costs needed to repair it can be steep. Automobiles are complex machines, and advances in technology are making them even more complex. It’s important to differentiate between problems with the transmission and those that may involve other parts of the vehicle. Below are some warning signs that every driver should watch for.

Slippage and Shifting Issues

Slippage occurs when you have the vehicle in a specific gear, and suddenly it changes by itself. When this happens, the sound generated by the engine will change, and will usually sound like it’s whining. Drivers will also notice that the car struggles, as if its lost power or energy. Slippage will make the vehicle seem like it’s not accelerating the way it should be.

Shifting problems are another classic sign of a damaged transmission. The car will often feel like it doesn’t want to change gears, and when it does, the gear shift is rough when it should be smooth. Many times you will also hear a clunking sound during gear shifts, and the vehicle may have problems picking up speed. In cases like this, you may need to contact a company like rayweatherspoonauto.com offers transmission repair.

Slow Engagement and Leaking

An automobile that has a weakening transmission will typically engage slower than usual. This means that when you put the car in “drive” you will notice a delay before the vehicle actually begins driving. When the driver shifts from “park” to “drive,” there should be no pause before the vehicle begins moving. If there is a delay, and the engine revs as you provide it gas, but doesn’t move immediately, this should be a cause for concern.

A healthy transmission is sealed, and should never leak any fluid. If you see any fluid on your driveway or in your garage, place a piece of cardboard beneath the front of the vehicle and the middle to see if this leakage is active. If the transmission is leaking actively, you will notice a substance which is bright red, but sometimes it may be dark red or brown. A vehicle with a leaky transmission should immediately be taken in for repair.

Warning Lights on your Dashboard

While the lights alone don’t signify that the vehicle is having transmission problems, if you see these lights in conjunction with the other problems mentioned above, this is a sign that you should have it analyzed by a professional. These lights indicate that the vehicle’s computer is creating error codes that can be analyzed by the diagnostic equipment that mechanics use. The “P0700” code in particular will often mean the transmission is in need of repair.

Repair Costs

The cost for repairing a damaged transmission will depend on numerous factors. Prices can range from under $200 to more than $2,000. If a part such as the solenoid needs to be replaced, the cost will be minimal, but replacing the entire transmission will be expensive. It is important to research mechanics in your area and be sure they’re reputable, and you should give them a call or take in your vehicle to get an estimate. Those who are uncomfortable driving their vehicles can have them towed.


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