2011 Audi A8 & A8 L detailed specifications

Efficient Performance

You demand performance that is as intelligent as it is powerful. That is exactly what you will find in the new A8. The 372 hp 4.2 V8 direct fuel injection engine equals the fuel efficiency of the Mercedes-Benz S400 and Lexus LS 600h hybrids and surpasses the fuel efficiency of the BMW ActiveHybrid.* You read that right. The new A8 delivers better fuel economy than some hybrid vehicles.†

4.2 FSI® V8 Engine

The A8 delivers performance and handling typically reserved for cars half its size. It all starts with the 4.2 FSI® V8 engine. Thanks to FSI® technology, the 4.2 is powerful, responsive and offers impressive fuel efficiency.

FSI® injects a highly precise amount of fuel into the engine cylinders that is perfectly matched to the volume of air. Within the cylinder, the specially designed piston heads compress the fuel-air mixture, creating a spiraling effect. The result is the most efficient combustion possible.

Making the most of the fuel and air combustion results in maximum efficiency and responsive power at any RPM.

Eight-speed Automatic Tiptronic® Transmission
Power is transmitted via the new shift-by-wire eight-speed Tiptronic® Transmission. With optimally spread gear ratios that produce dynamic acceleration, the eight-speed transmission also helps reduce fuel consumption by an estimated 6 percent when compared to a six-speed automatic transmission.

Thanks to its innovative design and optimal gear layout, the weight of the transmission has not been increased over the previous six-speed transmission.

quattro® with Available Sport Rear Differential
Permanent all-wheel drive systems are not created equal. And they certainly don’t perform that way, either. quattro is essentially a mechanical system devised around a torque-sensing, self-locking, center differential that shifts torque instantaneously to where it’s needed.

This means quattro is adjusting power between front and rear axles more than 100 times a second, helping ensure torque is delivered to the wheels where traction exists. Under normal driving situations, quattro distributes the power between each axle by sending 40 percent to the front wheels and 60 percent to the rear wheels, enhancing the driving dynamics while helping maintain optimum control.

Constantly assessing grip, quattro ensures the best possible combination of traction and handling, regardless of the road conditions.

quattro with Sport Rear Differential additionally senses which rear wheel to deliver an optimum level of torque. Specifically, it directs most of the power to the outer rear wheel to help steer the car through the corner. This reduces understeer, common among other all-wheel drive systems, and creates the true sportscar handling found in an Audi.

Aluminum ASF® technology
Lightweight and rigid, the revolutionary aluminum ASF® technology offers class-leading weight savings — a benefit you will notice in the overall efficiency, enhanced performance and remarkable handling. It is why you can apply the words “precise” and “graceful” to a vehicle this powerful and athletic.

Servotronic® Steering
Handling is further increased by Servotronic® speed sensitive steering. The dynamic technology of this steering system varies the power assistance based on vehicle speed. At low speeds, the steering operates with a high degree of power assist and the steering is extremely direct, requiring minimal turns of the wheel from lock to lock. It is these flawless shifts of Servotronic® that add an extra layer of performance to the A8.

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Audi drive select
Progressive Audi technology flourishes with hundreds available vehicle handling and performance combinations thanks to Audi drive select. Whether you prefer the smooth, luxurious ride of Comfort mode or the more direct and firmer responses of Dynamic mode, Audi drive select allows you to tailor the vehicle to your liking. The result is a driving experience that ensures your A8 always performs to your preferences.

Adaptive air suspension
A8 handling is even more evolved with the standard adaptive air suspension. It’s designed to react to driving forces nearly instantaneously producing a comfortable, responsive ride in any driving condition.

Additionally, body roll and pitch are reduced by increasing damping through corners and under braking, resulting in a composed and responsive ride. For optimal personalization, adaptive air suspension offers four modes to select from, Auto, Dynamic, Comfort, and Lift. Depending on the mode and vehicle speed, the suspension can lower the body up to 1”.

Advanced Braking
The new A8 has a braking system that is carefully engineered for maximum heat dissipation and low weight. All four discs are internally ventilated, with stainless steel pins connecting the front friction plates and brake pistons made from aluminum.

This sport-inspired concept is new to the luxury class and saves up to 10.5 lbs. per wheel, and makes the brakes less sensitive to fading under extreme lead. The wheel range also underscores the powerful character of the new Audi A8, with the 4.2 FSI running on light-weight 19″ alloys wrapped in all season tires

Audi xenon plus headlights with LED daytime running lights

The signature Audi xenon plus headlights with LED daytime running lights and high-intensity headlights not only add a distinct look to the vehicle, they also improve visibility while using half of the energy of conventional bulbs.
Leather-wrapped, four-spoke, multifunction steering wheel with shift paddles
Leather-wrapped, four-spoke, multifunction steering wheel with shift paddles

The leather-wrapped, four-spoke, multifunction steering wheel has a refined look and feel, providing easy access to the Driver Information System (DIS), navigation voice prompts, audio volume control, Bluetooth® operation, voice control and radio and CD track selection. Also included are shift paddles that allow for quick gear changes.

The rearview camera offers a real-time view of the parking area while front and rear parking sensors use ultrasound waves to sense your position and warn when approaching nearby objects.

The front and rear doors of the A8 are equipped with a power door close assist feature. This provides enhanced comfort and convenience when entering and exiting the vehicle.

The tailgate conveniently opens and closes with the touch of a button. The desired opening height can be programmed to your preference.

The luxurious appearance of these 19″ wheels with all-season tires offer a refined complement to the style of the A8.

Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC) helps ensure your vehicle maintains the intended direction of travel by continuously adjusting a number of drivetrain variables.

The fourteen-speaker, 630-watt sound system is individually tailored to the vehicle interior. It is further enhanced by the 2nd generation AudioPilot® noise compensation feature, which adjusts volume in response to unwanted road noise, enhancing the listening experience.

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With this advanced keyless entry system, your vehicle can be locked or unlocked and started without removing the key from a pocket or purse.

Advanced, customizable LED lights highlight the cabin of the A8. Select the brightness in four distinct interior areas with your choice of ivory, polar or ruby lighting hues.

The A8 offers the convenience of a power rear window sunshade while the A8 L also offers rear side window sunshades. The power rear window sunshade is deployed with a touch of a button. All shades offer an additional level of protection from the sun.

MMI® Navigation plus features an 8″ high-resolution full-color LCD screen that emerges from the dash upon vehicle ignition. Groundbreaking MMI® touch includes a revolutionary touchpad that interprets handwritten inputs, while dedicated buttons can be programmed for commonly used controls.

MMI control logic is equipped with the latest generation of MMI, powered by a 40-GB hard drive and an NVIDIA® processor to enhance graphics. This generation MMI offers HD Radio™ Technology and a color driver information system, real-time traffic, and 3D topography graphics that include the buildings in many cities and the crystal clear digital AM and FM sound of HD Radio Technology with over 1,000 new stations. Also included is voice control for navigation and telephone functions.

This connective technology offers intelligent integration with the iPod® and iPhone®. Any iPod Generation 4 and higher may be connected through the glove box, providing full iPod controls on the MMI® screen. This feature allows connection of a USB flash drive or a conventional auxiliary audio input as well.

Standard Audi pre sense utilizes exclusive Audi safety technologies that proactively identify and alert you to approaching danger and prepare to help protect you in the event of an accident.

This option is an electronically controlled, continuously adaptive air suspension system at all four wheels. It offers a more responsive ride over a variety of terrain.

Exclusive to Audi, this system provides advanced control of the vehicle’s adaptive suspension, dynamic steering, transmission shift characteristics and engine response. The system offers hundreds distinct driving configurations, allowing drivers to configure vehicle drive characteristics exactly to their liking with their choice of Comfort, Auto, Dynamic or Individual settings.

The 18-way power seats come equipped with a memory system and adjustment for forward/backward position, seat height, seat and backrest angle and electric lumbar support

HomeLink® is integrated into the overhead controls and uses a simple three-button system to control garage doors, gates and even lights in your home.

The Bluetooth® hands-free phone interface allows you to pair a Bluetooth®-enabled mobile phone with your Audi and access your phonebook within the driver information display in your instrument panel. For specific compatibility and operation, refer to audiusa.com/bluetooth or contact your local Audi dealer for the latest listing of compatible phones.

HD RadioTM Technology and SIRIUS® Satellite Radio tuning, MMI® allows you to tune the receiver by scrolling through your preset radio stations; adjust the audio settings, and customize the listening experience by tailoring the speaker output.

Source: Audi Europe

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