What to Know about Winter Tires

What to Know about Winter Tires
What to Know about Snow Tires

What to Know about Snow Tires

Winter tires are really important because they are going to allow you proper handling when the roads are covered by snow or slippery during the season. Unfortunately there are many that do not understand this and that will never buy winter tires.

Snow tires (winter tires) are tires designed for use in winter conditions, such as snow and ice, and lower temperatures in general. They are an alternative to the use of snow chains

You should not be one of them. Let us think about some facts that you might not have known about these tires.

Snow tires are usually tires with a different rubber composition from all-weather tires. Cold-weather tires include a greater percentage of natural rubber and silica so there is not as much hardening as found in synthetic rubber in cold conditions.

As a very simple destination we can say that these are tires that are especially built for use when the weather is cold. tires provide more small-tread areas, increasing traction on snow and, in wet conditions, allowing water to escape from under the tire more easily

You need to have one set of these tires in your garage so that you can replace your regular tires as soon as snow sets in. The problem is that you might not actually know what you need to buy.

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In stores you are going to find snow tires and winter tires. It is really common to think that they are exactly the same thing but this is not actually true.

Snow tires will include metal pins that are going to grip the ice covered roads. Keep in mind that these are considered illegal in some countries because of the extensive damage that they can cause to tarmac that is not covered by snow or ice.

When referring directly to winter tires we need to know that these are made out of special, soft rubber. This is used in order to make sure that the flexibility offered is high. To put it really simple, even if the weather is really cold, the tire will grip the road.

The standard tires are firm and this will cause you to lose grip. Keep in mind that because of having soft rubber, winter tires should never be used when the weather is hot. This would cause them to wear out really fast.

Winter tires are also going to have a narrower form and the tread pattern will be especially built for drastic winter conditions. You can notice a wider and deeper tread. This allows water to easily flow through.

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It is necessary to have this since wetter conditions can cause normal tires to slip. In addition, the narrow form will allow for higher grip and pressure to be exercised on the road. We can say that these are the 2 factors that will protect you from aqua planning and reduce skidding.

You need to understand the importance of these tires and buy them before snow arrives. You will have a much better handling of your car when you use them

In Europe, requirements for snow tires vary by country: in Austria, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Norway, Romania, Slovenia and Sweden, the use of snow tires is a legal requirement during winter months (usually November to mid-April) or if snow or slush is present on road surfaces: failure to comply can result in on-the-spot fines from the police. Andorra, Italy and Switzerland all recommend snow tires but do not require them. Snow chains fitted to tires are required in Andorra, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Norway and Switzerland in certain winter conditions.

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