3 Things to Do When Filing For a Car Insurance Claim

3 Things to Do When Filing For a Car Insurance Claim

When you sign up for car insurance plan and start paying the monthly or annual premiums for the same, you feel an odd sense of security knowing that any major mishap with the vehicle is covered and protected, financially to say the least.

While all that is true on pen and paper but the reality remains to be the fact that filing for a car insurance claim is not as simple as asking the insurer to pay the money and him transferring the money to your account.

The process of a car insurance claim is a complex one and ensuring the following 3 aspects will ensure a less hassled experience:

1. Filing The Claim At The Earliest

One of the biggest mistakes many insurance Huntington beach customers make is that they think that the car insurance will cover them and with that security they tend to delay filing for the claim against the insurance. This is owing to the fact that almost every insurance company has their own investigation to launch when you are filing for a claim and it is a time consuming process in itself.

Also the fact that your insurance company will act as your advocate in case the accident was not your fault is a great benefit that you shouldn’t be missing due to delinquency in filing the claim.

2. Prepare For The Other Insurance Company’s Investigation

In most cases there is a dispute between the two parties regarding the blame and burden of the accident and who should be liable to pay the insurance amount. This is why it is quite possible that you will be a part of the investigation that the other party’s insurance company launches in order to zero in on the actual cause.

This is where you might be receiving phone calls inquiring about the incident, letters and emails asking for specific details and a host of other communications. It is recommended that you document all the communications that takes place with the other party’s insurance company in order to keep it for reference and evidence in the future.

3. Get The Information Ready And Handy

You will be requiring to furnish a host of information regarding the incident, your insurance policy and other personal identifying information to the insurance provider when you are filing for your claim. This is why it is recommended that you have all of the necessary information collected and ready in one place which makes access to the same easy and efficient.

Remember that you mustn’t delay having your own account of the incident filed and documented with yourself at the earliest. Remember that with the passage of time your memory of the event will fade and you might be incapable of recounting crucial details of the accident.

Once you have filed for your claim and have had the same approved by the insurer, you can go ahead with fixations of the vehicle with the permission of the insurance adjuster.

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