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Ford Asks Buyers to Pay More for Smaller Engine in Explorer

When Ford Motor Co. starts selling its re-engineered Explorer sport-utility vehicle, it will ask U.S. buyers to do something unusual: Pay more for less. Bucking an automotive tradition of charging extra for more horsepower, Ford will ask buyers of its redesigned 2011 Explorer to pay a premium for a small,...
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How car clutches works?

You probably know that any car with a manual transmission has a clutch. Learn how the clutch in your car works, and find out about some surprising places where clutches can also be found. Please see the following YouTube embeded video that helps to learn how cluthes are working on...
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How to install a transmission cooler ?

Installation of a Hayden transmission cooler I installed a transmission temperature gauge on my ’96 CC 4X4 Powerstroke. Around town in 80-90 degree temperatures the transmission temperature never exceeded 170 degrees. However, when pulling my 25 foot travel trailer at highway speeds I found that the auto transmission was getting...
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BMW To Make City Car Safer With Carbon Fibre

BMW has announced that it will use carbon fibre to provide extra safety in its battery-powered city car. The same light weight material is used to protect Formula One drivers. The German company will use the fabric to construct a passenger-safety cell for the upcoming city car. According to Klaus...
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Nissan’s Electric Vehicle Initiatives

Nissan is in limelight with its latest Electric Vehicle, Leaf, and there are a few more zero emission vehicles that the car manufacturer would launch. In the meantime, the company has introduced a number of new developments to its powertrain range. The Japanese company has currently shifted its focus on...
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