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BMW to launch a new electric car by 2013

BMW to launch a new electric car by 2013 BMW, world’s leading car maker, announced on Thursday that it is planning to launch its first electric car in India by year 2013. Earlier the company was planned to launch it by year 2015, but as other major car makers are...
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2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8

2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8 For those that love the old muscle cars, one car that has made a comeback in a big way is the Dodge Challenger SRT8 Coupe for 2009. Dodge, is throwing caution to the wind and has pulled all the stops to create this once again classic...
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BMW Z8 The BMW Z8 was a convertible supercar automobile produced by BMW from 2000 to 2008. It was given the E52 BMW model code. The Z8 originated from a prototype designated Z07, which was designed by Henrik Fisker at BMW’s Designworks in Southern California. It was showcased at the...
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Ford Duratec/ZeTec Trouble Codes

Ford Duratec/ZeTec Trouble Codes P1151, P1131, P0174, or P0171 All four of these codes indicate a problem with a lean condition. This engine is known for vacuum leaks, so before you start throwing oxygen sensors at the problem, it pays to perform some diagnostics. Start by cleaning the MAF sensor....
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13 More Things Your Auto Mechanic Won’t Tell You

13 More Things Your Auto Mechanic Won’t Tell You 1. “If a mechanic offers to change your timing belt and water pump, question how long the job will take. Some will charge you double labor even though the second task is essentially done once the belt is removed.” 2. “Always...
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Some information about engines

Some information about engines An engine is a mechanical device that produces some form of output from a given input. An engine whose purpose is to produce kinetic energy output from a fuel source is called a prime mover; alternatively, a motor is a device which produces kinetic energy from...
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