Top 6 Automotive Hacks

Top 6 Automotive Hacks

You’ve heard of life hacks and, of course, computer hacks, but what about automotive hacks?  There are ways you can hack your car, which basically means you’re adapting it to fit your needs.

Most of what fall under the umbrella term of “hacks” are simply small modifications you make to something so that it functions better for you.  Not all of these hacks will be useful to you, but you may find some of the ones listed below make perfect sense.

Make the Storage Space Work for You

Wish your car had better storage?  Make your own!  You can create a basic storage system using tape and some small plastic cups (reuse cups from foods like yogurt or even plastic reusable fast food drink cups).  Of course, having a few plastic cups taped to your door may look bizarre, so you might want to take the time to make something that looks nicer.  If you’re into woodworking, you can easily build something that fits down over the center console that makes it work better for you.

You can also add some of those sticky pads to your car’s car covers dashboard to hold items.  Another trick is to find small, shallow cups and use Velcro to attach them to your dashboard.  A small, lightweight plastic pet food bowl would be perfect for this.

Practice Hypermiling

Hypermiling has gotten a reputation for being dangerous because people take it to extremes.  No, you shouldn’t get right up behind a large semi-truck to save a little bit of gas by riding in its wake, but you can drive more efficiently.  Hypermiling is just that: the practice of driving using methods that save you gas.  Doing things like gradually decelerating instead of slamming on the brakes, using cruise control, and taking a route that has fewer stops all save a little bit of gas.  If you practice a number of these techniques, you’ll see the savings add up.

Reprogram your Fob to Work on Multiple Cars

You can actually reprogram your car’s keyless entry fob to work on all of your vehicles, and it doesn’t require a degree in computer programming to accomplish.  It doesn’t work with all makes and models, but you can find information on how to program each manufacturer’s fobs online.  Most of them involve nothing more than starting the vehicle and holding down specific buttons on the fob.

Install a Tablet in the Dashboard

Want one of those fancy digital displays that give you GPS, Pandora radio, and more?  If your car didn’t come with one, you can make your own using any tablet.

This is a little more advanced than some automotive hacks because you may need to create a dock for the tablet and figure out how to power it (or, in some cases, simply always have it plugged in to a cigarette lighter).  It’s even possible to install a computer in your car using a small flat screen touch monitor and a small PC case.  Why would you do this?  It gives you all the functionality of a PC in your car.

Sync it with your home’s music list, use it as a DVD player to keep the kids entertained on road trips, or use it as a backup of your important work documents.  Of course, once again you’ll need some advanced skills if you plan on wiring the computer’s power supply to your car.

Repair Dents Yourself

This little automotive hack can save you a lot of money.  To repair small cosmetic dents (this won’t work on major damage), simply get some dry ice and press it against the dent.  Hold it there for a few seconds, then remove it and watch the dent vanish!  It may take a few applications, but it really does work.  Another trick is to alternate using a hairdryer and canned air on the dent.  The rapid difference in temperature between the hot hairdryer air and the cold canned air makes the metal expand and contract, which makes the dent pop out.

Use Nail Polish to Hide Scratches

Just like you can make small dents vanish by yourself, you can also remove scratches simply by using nail polish.  If you can find a color that closely matches your car, you can use it to touch up the paint job.  It won’t wash off, either. 

You can also use clear nail polish to keep a window crack under control until you can replace the glass.

These are just a few easy do-it-yourself automotive hacks that can save you money or make your life a little bit easier.  While some do require a little technical expertise, most of them can be done by anyone who has a little patience and time.

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