How do you know that the car has engine problems?

Car engine problems? There aresigns that a car may have engine problems. Some common indications include: strange noises coming from the engine, difficulty starting the car, a decrease in power or acceleration  and driving, the check engine light turning on (yellow or red), and an increase in fuel consumption. There...
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How to drive when kids are into the car ?

When driving with kids in the car, it is important to ensure their safety by properly securing them in car seats or seat belts that are appropriate for their age, weight, and height. It is also important to be extra cautious and aware of your surroundings, as children can be...
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EuroNCAP News: Final year release with 14 cars reflects 2022

Final year release with 14 cars reflects 2022, as new protocol upgrades are just around the corner Euro NCAP releases results for its final group of cars for 2022. Only three of the 14 cars tested did not achieve the consumer safety organisation’s maximum five-star safety rating. Reflecting the diversity...
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All-new BMW M2

The athletic appearance of the new BMW M2 stems from its compact dimensions, extremely powerful proportions and hallmark M design features. It measures 214 millimetres less in exterior length than the BMW M4 Coupé models and has a 110-millimetre shorter wheelbase. At the same time, the vehicle and track widths exceed the figures...
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All-new BMW XM

As its 50th anniversary celebrations continue, BMW M GmbH brings us its first ever high-performance car with electrified drive system. A plug-in hybrid system comprising a V8 petrol engine and an exceptionally powerful electric motor endows the BMW XM. M HYBRID drive system for stunning performance and cruising with zero...
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Dacia embarks on a new chapter in its history

Renault Group presented the Renaulution, its new corporate strategic plan setting the course for each brand, on 14 January 2021. Its goal for Dacia was clear: become the leader for affordable mobility, the essential brand. Its goal and vision are all the more fitting as they are building on a string...
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The new BMW XM debuts on September 27

The Bavarians continue the campaign to promote the future SUV named XM. BMW released a new teaser and, most importantly, confirmed the release date. The event will take place on September 27. In the new clip published by the German brand, the illuminated grille, headlights and thin daytime running lights...
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