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Mercedes-Benz TV: Torie at the Concept GLA premiere in Shanghai

Mercedes GLA Concept

Unveiling the Concept GLA, the brand demonstrates just how a compact, sporty SUV could look. The Mercedes GLA concept SUV makes its world premiere on April 20, 2013 at the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition 2013.

In Shanghai, Mercedes-Benz Reporter Torie not only attended the premiere but also had a chance to see the vehicle and speak to experts the evening before.

Dodge Dart Commercial: "How to Make the Most Hi-Tech Car"

Dodge Brand Launches New Dodge Dart TV Ad as Marketing Launch Shifts Into High Gear Dodge Dart The Dodge brand debuts a new television commercial for the groundbreaking all-new 2013 Dodge Dart as the marketing launch of its new compact car shifts into high gear beginning Wednesday, Sept. 5. The...
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All-new 2013 Dodge Dart in First TV Ad

All-new 2013 Dodge Dart in First TV Ad The Dodge brand reveals its recipe for the groundbreaking all-new 2013 Dodge Dart in a new 90-second commercial debuting Tuesday, July 10, during the Major League Baseball (MLB) 2012 All-Star Game broadcast on the Fox network. – ‘How to Change Cars Forever’...
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VW – Drive Until It’s Time

Help us make the next TV ad for the Volkswagen Golf, and we’ll put your name in the credits. We’ve already made the first two ads in the series, but we’d like you to help us create the next one by picking the script, cast, car, music and a few...
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Amazing Story of Saab TV Commercial

Saab Automobile AB, better known as Saab is a Swedish car manufacturer owned by Dutch automobile manufacturer Spyker Cars NV. It is the exclusive automobile Royal Warrant holder as appointed by the King of Sweden. Since its inception, Saab has been known for innovation, pioneering significant advancements in ergonomics, green...
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