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Citroen C5 – New design, new technology

Citroen has unveiled today both sedan and estate versions of the all-new C5.The all-new C5 introduces some new features such as a second-generation fixed-centred controls steering wheel, a seat back massage function and a choice of suspension set-ups. With 4.78m length (the estate is 5cm longer), 1.86m width and 1.45m...
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Green EuroNCAP: Latest Diesels Clean Up Their Act

Green EuroNCAP: Latest Diesels Clean Up Their Act Green NCAP is a unique new consortium, comprising European governments, motoring clubs, consumer groups and universities, hosted and supported by the European New Car Assessment Programme. It aims to promote cars that are less polluting and more fuel- and energy-efficient by providing...
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Hard cell on safety from Hyundai with the NEXO

Euro NCAP releases the safety rating of seven new cars today. The Hyundai NEXO is the first hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle that Euro NCAP has tested, and it is positive to see it achieving a maximum five star rating. The fourth generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class, the Mazda 6 and Lexus ES...
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Why You Should Consider A French Car

As far as clichés go, there is a lot to be said about the French. Not only are French people renowned for being rude and walking around in a striped top while casually wearing a beret and a necklace made of fresh garlic bulbs, but their cars also have a...
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How to Choose the Best Car for New Drivers

How to Choose the Best Car for New Drivers When you first pass your driving test, you will be eager to start looking for your first car. Although you may have an idea of what car you may need, it is a good idea to be practical as well. For...
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All-new 2014 Toyota AYGO

All-new 2014 Toyota AYGO (A-segment) When the first generation AYGO was launched in 2005, expectations were very high. Not only was it Toyota’s first model in the compact city car segment, it was also the result of a new joint-venture with PSA, with the cars specifically developed for Europe and...
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