In 2024, Let Go Of These Outdated Car-Owning Principles

The world of automobiles and vehicle manufacture is revolutionizing each day. With many governments set to phase out diesel by a target date in the future, AI integrating into manufacturing, and EV cars becoming more common from even the most celebrated manufacturers, it’s exciting to think about what the future holds.

Sure, using hydrogen for fuel or ubiquitous EV charging stations are not necessarily here right now, but in ten years? Well, stranger things have happened, especially when there’s a direct push to make them real.

However, as the market changes and cars develop into serving a new consumer base, it’s good to let go of some of the old wisdom that may not serve us as well. This way, we can look to purchase vehicles with a set of fresh eyes, understanding what they have to offer now as opposed to anything else.

With this advice, we’ll help you achieve that exact outcome:


You Don’t Need An SUV To Go Family Friendly

While SUVs have long been marketed as a worthwhile or even necessary family vehicle, it’s important to recognize that they may not always be the best choice for every family – perhaps not even yours. While they do offer spacious interiors and often come equipped with advanced safety features, they also tend to have higher fuel consumption and can be more challenging to maneuver and park, especially in urban areas. Smaller people carriers or switching an expensive car into two hatchbacks could be ideal for your situation.

Older Cars Aren’t Always More Reliable

There’s a common belief that older cars are more reliable due to their simpler mechanical systems, but this isn’t always the case. Sure, if an older car is still running on the road well, we tend to see it as reliable when we don’t know its actual history.


While some older vehicles may have stood the test of time and continue to perform reliably, many others may require frequent repairs and maintenance due to wear and tear. Moroever, older cars may lack modern safety features. Even dealerships such as Suzuki, one of the most reliable brands out there, can tell you that this is the case.

Electric Cars Aren’t Ubiquitous, But They’re Still Convenient

Sure, electric cars aren’t all over the place, but advances in battery technology and charging infrastructure make them more accessible in the current year. Don’t forget that EVs boast lower operating costs, reduced emissions, and simplified maintenance due to fewer moving parts. On top of that, home charging eliminates frequent trips to the petrol/gas station, which is nice not to have as part of your constant driving journey plan. We can expect electric vehicles to become even more popular in the market to the point we start seeing many used models by the end of the decade, and from there much more seamless market adoption. So, if you want to get in just after the early wave, now isn’t a bad time to do so.

With this advice, you’ll have let go of certain outdated car-owning principles and given yourself more room to experiment with the cars you like to drive.

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