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2014 BMW X4 Concept unveiled

BMW hopes to duplicate the success of the X6 with a smaller, X3-based crossover. BMW is planning to build an X4. Based on the X3 architecture, this compact crossover will be to the X3 what the X6 is to the X5. That means the X4 will borrow its underpinnings—including powertrains—from...
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Alfa Romeo unveil new Gloria concept

Alfa Romeo unveil new Gloria concept The European Institute of Design (IED) in Turin will unveil its new Gloria concept, developed in collaboration with Alfa Romeo Style Center, at next month##Q##s Geneva motor show. These renders of the sports sedan concept, which is 4,200mm long, 1,920mm wide, 1,320mm high sitting...
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Toyota Furia Concept Debuts at 2013 NAIAS

Toyota Furia Concept Debuts at 2013 NAIAS 2013 Toyota Furia Concept Toyota released a new video showing a brand new concept the brand is working on. Its name is Furia and it will debut at the 2013 North American Auto Show in Detroit. The concept previews an exciting new sedan...
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2013 All-new Peugeot 2008

Peugeot 2008 2013 All-new Peugeot 2008 This new Peugeot 2008 concept hints at how Peugeot’s answer to the Nissan Juke will look in production later this year. It has made its debut at the Paris motor show. Peugeot##Q##s new 2008 Concept is a high-riding mini-SUV, similar in size and shape...
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Seat IBL and IBX Concept Cars

Seat IBL Concept Car Seat IBL Concept As a significant evolution of SEAT’s shapes, the SEAT IBL concept car distinguishes itself by a powerful identity that strikes the eye right at the first glance. At 4.67 meters long and 1,85 metres wide, the SEAT IBL falls into the full-size saloon...
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BMW Concept Active Tourer

BMW Concept Active Tourer BMW Concept Active Tourer BMW has unveiled the BMW Concept Active Tourer plug-in hybrid, which is a preview of BMW’s upcoming compact MPV with its new eDrive hybrid system. According to BMW, the Concept Active Tourer is geared towards customers of the premium segment who appreciate...
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